Want to customize one of our guitars?

Want to customize one of our guitars?

We are excited to finally unveil our Semi-Custom Series! You choose the model, wood, finish color, scale length, and more…

Check out the press release over at Guitar Player Magazine & Premier Guitar !

Start customizing here: The Semi-Custom Series

6 thoughts on “Want to customize one of our guitars?

  1. david youll says:

    im looking at the growler semi custom and I really like the shape and the pick guard design what I dont like is the jazmaster style bridge thats on the old one. Is this one the stop piece one? it looks so much nicer. Also is there a way you could do a mock up of a all black one with black pick guard and maple neck/fretboard?

    id like to see what it looked like before putting an order in

    • joe@balaguerguitars.com says:

      Hi David! Thanks for the inquiry. The Growler Production Series model only comes with our hardtail bridge. The Semi-Custom has a few different options for a bridge. We do not offer mock-ups at this time unfortunately, but we are looking to offer something similar in the near future.


  2. Matt Mlot says:

    hi, just stumbled upon your website. The ability to customize is very appealing. If your build quality, QC and service are very good, I think you may be on to something here. A couple of questions / comments:

    1) Are the semi-customs built in the World Music Factory in South Korea?
    2) Can we expect to see more independent online and magazine reviews in the near future? I only found on one independent online review so far.
    3) Any dealers in the Denver, CO metro area?
    4) Per the previous comment above, it would be great if your website could show the final mockup of the your selections. While I am comfortable with making the hardware choices sight unseen, I would really like to see how the selected colors , finishes, choices etc.. work together. I would be hesitant to buy without seeing some representation of what the guitar will look like.

    Thanks for taking my questions,


    • joe@balaguerguitars.com says:

      Hi Matt,

      Thanks for the comment. To answer your questions:

      1. No they are not. They are built at a small shop composed of only 16 workers, not at World Music.
      2. Yes, but in the meantime you can go to our Facebook page and read over 25 reviews from our customers (https://www.facebook.com/balaguerguitars/)
      3. We sell direct as of right now (October 2017), but we plan to open up to dealer interest after this upcoming Winter NAMM show in January.
      4. We’ve been working on a visual e-builder for the last few months and plan to release it sometime in 2018. In the meantime, you can email us at info@balaguerguitars.com and we can provide you with a mock-up if you are planning on ordering a Semi-Custom.

      Joe Balaguer

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