Multiscale Options!

Multiscale Options!

We now offer Multiscale options on all guitar & bass models!

What is Multiscale?

The Multiscale concept uses two different scale lengths spanned across different strings (In theory – The E, A, D strings have one scale, and the G, B, and high E strings have another). Each time we increase the diameter of a guitar string, thus increasing its mass, we also increase the amount of tension required to bring it to pitch. This is one reason why players most often use larger gauge strings for lower tunings.  Beyond having optimal tension for lower tunings and extended range instruments, having a multiscale neck lends comfort by giving your wrist a natural ergonomic playing style.  If you look down at your hand and spread your fingers as wide as you can you’ll notice that they are fanned out.  The natural fan of a multiscale fingerboard lends a more natural wrist placement for playing extended range guitars (meaning longer than a normal/conventional scale instrument).

Multiscale Options:

27″ – 25.5″ – Optimal for 7-string guitar, allowing ideal tension per string especially for lower tunings (Drop A, Drop Ab,etc)

26.5″ – 25.5″ – Creates ideal tension for standard 7-string tuning allowing you to use lighter gauge strings, or perfect for a Baritone 6-string tuned to Drop C, Drop B, and beyond.

25.5″ – 24.75″ – While this is a minimal fan, it most definitely makes a difference when just playing in standard E tuning. The high strings used to solo have less tension making them easier to bend, while the lower strings retain their ideal weight/tension and stay tight/articulate with chords. Drop D and even Drop C feel great with this fan.

35.5″ – 34″ – In our opinion, this is the most ideal Bass Guitar multiscale option for 4 and 5 string.  The 35.5″ scale retains a low B or even A very well, while maintaining great tension for the higher strings.






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