Cleaning & Conditioning

  • We recommend Music Nomad Guitar Detailer for any of our Gloss or Satin guitar finishes.
    • Guitar Detailer is meant for the guitar body, headstock, and back of the neck if the neck is painted. Click here.
    • If you do not have a Microfiber cloth, we would recommend This Ernie Ball cloth: Click here.
  • We recommend either Music Nomad F-One Oil or Music Nomad Bore Oil to condition your fingerboard.
    • MapleRoasted Maple does not need to be overly conditioned due to the closed-grain nature of this wood, but we would recommend conditioning every string change or once a month.
    • Rosewood should be conditioned as frequently as Maple, but keep in mind that it is an open-grained wood and will soak up the conditioner faster. You’ll want to continue conditioning the fingerboard if it dries up as you are applying.
    • Ebony should be conditioned very frequently, especially in the Winter, because its properties are more susceptible to humidity and temperature fluctuations.  We would recommend conditioning every string change or at least once a month based on the instrument being kept in proper humidity and temperature.  We recommend keeping your instrument in a temperature of 70°F and 40-45% humidity year-round.  This is similar practice when taking care of an Acoustic guitar as well.
      • If you do not own a humidifier and consistently play your instrument during the dry months of the year, we would recommend keeping your instrument in its case when it is not being played.
    • F-One Oil – Click here.
    • Bore Oil – Click here.

General Setup & Maintenance

Get the Music Nomad Setup Kit, which has a lot of the tools needed!

  • Neck Relief
    • We typically set the neck relief of our instruments between .006″ – .010″, but .006″ being optimal. Sometimes instruments can play great under .006″ of relief while others need a bit more relief. We would recommend researching how to check neck relief before making any adjustments to your truss rod.  You could also purchase the Stew Mac Relief Gauge.
  • String Action
    • Using a string action gauge like the one here: Stew Mac String Action Gauge, you’ll want to adjust your string action via these measurements while matching the rest of the saddles to match the radius of your fingerboard.
      • Bass – .060 | <4/64″ | <1.5mm
      • Treble – .050 | <4/64″ | 1.25mm
  • Pickup Height
    • Setting your pickup heights are very important to achieving the optimal tone.  The tone will be affected negatively if your pickups are too close to the strings or too far away.
    • Treble & Bass Side: 3/32 | 2.5mm+/-
      • Each Brand has different specs, set to this generic height called for by Seymour Duncan.

Warranty Information

We offer a 1 year non-transferrable warranty, which starts following the purchase date of your Balaguer Guitar. If a part of the guitar fails due to factory defect, we will send you a replacement part. The following items are not deemed factory defects and will not be covered under this warranty:

    • Fret wear
    • Saddle wear
    • Nut wear
    • Strings
    • Discoloration
    • Shrinking
    • Adjustments or routine maintenance
    • Setups
    • Damage due to modifications or customizations
    • Damage caused by temperature & humidity fluctuations
    • Normal wear and tear on parts

We will, on a case-by-case basis, accept repairs that were caused by temperature & humidity fluctuations, but please understand that since it is not covered under our standard warranty, we will have to charge a repair fee that can be discussed via email. Please feel free to reach out to us to discuss this option at and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

*Just an FYI, we get a kick back from Amazon if you purchase any of the linked products listed above, which helps us acquire more of these tools for ourselves here in the shop.*