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Artists 13

Beau Burchell

Beau’s post-hardcore band, Saosin, is back on tour with original vocalist Anthony Green.  Check out their latest album with Anthony, called “Along The Shadow”.

When Beau isn’t touring with Saosin, he is working with bands via his private home studio, The Cottage.  Beau is a very well known Producer, Mixer, Engineer, and Writer having worked with Underoath, It Prevails, The Bled, and even the soundtrack for the Motion Picture “Saw 4”.

Beau plays a USA Custom Shop Thicket, The Growler in Vintageburst, and his signature Balaguer Guitar, The Thicket BB.

Andy Williams
Every Time I Die

Andy plays guitar in Every Time I Die, a savage metallic hardcore and pentatonic riff-laden classic rock band that we, at Balaguer Guitars, have been listening to since 2005!

Like all of us, Andy loves guitar gear and has always been searching for his perfect tone.  We’re glad that he’s chosen us to collaborate with on The Enigma model and we’re excited to have him on the team.

Keep an eye out for his Signature Series Enigma, due to release Spring 2018.

Artists 12

Ryan 'Fluff' Bruce
Rest, Repose / Riffs, Beards, & Gear

Fluff is a great musician and gear connoisseur, and knows quite a bit about guitar design.

This organically brought us to the idea of working on a Signature model together, which is now our Hyperion model.  Fusing what he loves about his vintage guitars and what we have going on with our own guitar design, has brought a very unique and killer guitar to life!

When he is not slaying riffs and taking names with his band Rest, Repose, you can find Fluff on his fun, helpful, and awesome YouTube channel :

Riffs, Beards, & Gear.

Fluff plays the Balaguer Hyperion, his signature guitar.

Tony Pizzuti
The Word Alive

The Word Alive hits you hard with down-tuned guitar riffs, catchy choruses, and dynamic vocals.  They are definitely in a league of their own, and have an awesome, unique sound.  We really dig their stuff at BG! Tony reached out to us, and we hit it off immediately.  He has great taste in guitar design (what colors go well with others) and knew exactly what he wanted. Very excited to have him onboard with us.

Tony plays a Semi-Custom Growler Baritone in Satin Seafoam Green

Telle Smith
The Word Alive/Telle Smith

Telle is the vocalist of The Word Alive, but he will also be playing 3rd guitar on a few upcoming songs off the newest album, live and in the studio. Apart from TWA, Telle is releasing a solo album very soon. Stoked to have him on the team!

Telle plays a Hyperion in Vintageburst

Matt Marshall

Palisades is a rock band from New Jersey that fuses heavier guitar riffs with some of the most melodic and catchy vocals we have ever heard! The songwriting and musicianship flows hand in hand with these guys, and you’ll be singing along after one listen. Check out their latest album here.

Matt plays The Hyperion in Satin Silverburst

Paul C. Wilson
Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!

Hailing from France, Chunk! No, Captain Chunk mixes catchy pop punk with hardcore riffage to bring some of the most unique and pummeling music we’ve heard.  Working with Paul has been great so far, and we cannot wait for you guys to hear him rocking his Growler on stage soon!

Paul plays The Growler in Vintageburst

Joshua Unitt
Wolf & Bear

Joshua plays guitar in the progressive post-hardcore band Wolf & Bear. From technical riffs to soaring vocal melodies, Wolf & Bear brings something unique and powerful with their music that you can’t describe in words without giving them a listen. They rule!

Joshua plays The Growler in Seafoam Green.

Greg Styliades
Senses Fail

Greg plays bass in the post-hardcore band Senses Fail. They fuse punk and post-hardcore to bring an original sound that they’ve been honing since 2002.  Be on the lookout for their new LP “If There Is Light, It Will Find You” out on February 16th 2018!

Greg plays The Growler Bass in Gloss White.

Nick Spencer

Nick plays guitar in the progressive metal band “Greyhaven”, which fuses hard-hitting yet melodic riffs with powerful lyricism.  Each song takes you on a journey, which leads you to interpret what each song may mean to you.  Their songs are sometimes very dynamic, stringing you along with a violent passage but then molding the next section into something that will get stuck in your head for days.  They truly have a unique sound and we’re so stoked to have Nick on the team!

Nick plays a Seafoam Green Growler.

Christoph Manuel
Sun & Flesh

Christoph sings and plays guitar in the rock band “Sun & Flesh” from Brooklyn, NY. From their anthem-like choruses to their down-tuned riffs, Sun & Flesh definitely deliver a genuine and unique sound that will make you wanting more.

Christoph plays a Semi-Custom Growler Baritone in Satin Black.

Tyler Tomlinson
Seth Ennis, Eric Paslay, Jamie Lynn Spears

Tyler is an incredible Nashville-based guitar player currently touring with Seth Ennis, and who has toured with Eric Paslay, Jamie Lynn Spears, and more.

Tyler plays a Semi-Custom Growler in a Space Sparkle finish.

Thomas Brenneman
El West

Thomas Brenneman is a guitar player in the band, El West.  Hailing from Arizona, El West brings a fresh and unique approach to ambient but melodic alternative rock.

Thomas plays The Thicket in Ghost White, and The Growler in Satin Sky Blue.

John Klagholz

John plays guitar in “Vexes”, which was formed from the ashes of previous projects including: A Life Once Lost, Vessl, Fury of Five and Downstage. Their ambient yet experimental take on modern metal is unique and we believe sets them apart! Definitely check these guys out.

John plays a USA Custom Growler Baritone in Green Sparkle, Production Seafoam Green Growler, and a Custom Trans White Growler.

John Boyce
When Man Meets His Maker & YouTuber @ The Metalguy Files

John is a guitar player in the Death Metal band “When Man Meets His Maker”, but also shoots YouTube videos under the moniker “The Metalguy Files”. He requires tour-tough and studio ready guitars, so we are happy to add to his arsenal for live and studio use! When he’s not playing shows with his band or shooting YouTube videos, John records bands at his studio Sylar Sound in Philadelphia, PA.

John plays The Thicket BB Spalted Maple & The Thicket in Ghost White.

Hayden Bush
Naked Walrus

Hayden plays guitar in the Alternative Rock band Naked Walrus based out of Los Angeles, California. Their infectious melodies and licks will have you singing for days!

Hayden plays The Growler in Trans Red

Stefan Hawkins

Stefan plays guitar in “Secondborn”, a rock band from Lafayette, LA. They fuse rock, punk & post-hardcore, as well as synthesized sounds reminiscent of late 80’s dance pop. They truly have set themselves apart in their genre!

Stefan plays a Semi-Custom Thicket & Semi-Custom Growler

Ryan Holzer
Cedar Green

Ryan plays guitar in Pop Punk band “Cedar Green”. Hailing from our home state, Pennsylvania, Cedar Green brings pop punk hooks with melodic vocals and radio undertones to the mix. Very excited to have Ryan in the family now!

Ryan plays The Growler in Seafoam Green.

Jake Howsam Lowe
The Helix Nebula

Jake shreds guitar in “The Helix Nebula”, a progressive/instrumental metal band from Australia.  They are truly unique with epic guitar interludes, amazing songwriting, and mind-boggling solos.  When Jake isn’t playing in The Helix Nebula, he is playing 2nd guitar in Plini’s band.

Jake plays a Thicket BB in Gloss White.


Scott Breustedt
Frost Giant

Scott plays guitar in Folk Metal band “Frost Giant”. Their music pays no attention to boundaries, deliberately crossing genres and bringing them all together in one truly unique sound.

Scott plays The Hyperion in Seafoam Green, as well as a Natural Mahogany Hyperion.

Curtis Douglas

Curtis is a Phoenix, Arizona based record producer, engineer, mixer, songwriter, and musician.

Curtis has worked with top artists such as The Maine, Katastro, Eagles In Drag, This Century, Chad Rubin, Austin Gibbs, Steff Koeppen, Sundressed, Naked Walrus, and more.  Check him out at

He plays The Thicket BB Deluxe in Trans Black.

Robert Grimm
The Danger Of Falling

Robert plays guitar in the five-piece christian melodic hardcore band “The Danger Of Falling”. From atmospheric/ambient interludes, hard-hitting chords, and melodic melodies make them truly stick out in their genre as something unique.

Robert plays a Semi-Custom Thicket & an Astra Deluxe.

Marek Cimochowicz

Marek is the guitar player and vocalist in Chicago-based Atmospheric Black Metal band “Vukari”. They truly have set themselves apart in their genre by not only creating dynamic sonic landscapes of high-gain riffs to immersive ambient passages, but by seamlessly tying it all together to make a cohesive original sound. Check out their latest album “Divination”!

Marek plays The Hyperion in Satin Silverburst.

Juan Andres Rodriguez
The Outsider

Juan plays guitar in “The Outsider”, a hardcore band out of Bogotà, Colombia.  Their heavy riffs with layered ambient leads and emotional lyrics make them a force to be reckoned with in their scene.  It makes sense why they have a cult following in Colombia!

Juan plays The Growler in Seafoam Green.

Scott Prater

Scott plays guitar in the power Doom/Sludge band “Witchkiss” from NY. Bringing down-tuned hard-hitting riffs with dark overtones, they are true to the Doom/Sludge sound.  Check them out!

Scott plays a Hyperion Deluxe & Hyperion Standard.

Michael Shpunt
To Live As Wolves

Michael is the guitar player in Post-Hardcore band “To Live As Wolves”. They have cultivated a sound and live performance that engages audiences with driving riffs, melodic solos and unique vocal melodies.

Michael plays a Semi-Custom Thicket.

Tre Watson
Carthage/Tre Watson Music

Tre is a multi-instrumentalist, concert bassist, engineer and producer from the Baltimore, Maryland area. He has several releases and is the lead guitarist and backup vocalist of the band Carthage.

Tre plays a Semi-Custom Archetype.

Jorma Spaziano

Jorma plays lead guitar in VINTERSEA, a melodic metal band from Oregon which combines the essential elements of black, death, post, and progressive metal. Their unique sound is undeniably inspired by the majesty of the Pacific Northwest.

Jorma plays The Archetype in the VINTERBURST finish.

Riley Nix

Riley plays guitar in VINTERSEA, a melodic metal band from Oregon which combines the essential elements of black, death, post, and progressive metal. Their unique sound is undeniably inspired by the majesty of the Pacific Northwest.

Riley plays The Archetype in the VINTERBURST finish.

Madison Roseberry
Rival Colors

Madison plays guitar in Massachusetts-based Rock band “Rival Colors”, who pull their influences from bands like Balance & Composure and The Foo Fighters.  Check out their latest EP “Thanks”!

Madison plays The Growler in Seafoam Green.

Chris Wethington

Chris plays guitar in “Softspoken”, a post-hardcore band hailing from Florence, Kentucky.  Their catchy vocals mixed with heavy yet ambient riffs, make a very unique take on post-hardcore!

Chris plays a Semi-Custom Growler & Semi-Custom Thicket.

Luke Eccles
Sun Blind

Luke plays guitar and sings in Philly-based Indie Rock band “Sun Blind”. They bring life’s pain as well as beauty into a tapestry of blistering guitar tones paired with low end grooves and chest pounding drums. They are working on releasing their first LP and you can now get their Single ‘Something I Can’t Change’ on ITunes today.

Luke plays The Hyperion in Gloss Seafoam Green.

Chris Marshall
JRNY Church Worship

Ralph serves as a guitarist on the worship team at JRNY (Journey) Church in the Philadelphia Region of Pennsylvania.

Ralph plays The Growler in Sky Blue and The Grace in Satin Silverburst.

Artists 7

Ralph Ritter III
JRNY Church Worship

Ralph serves as a guitarist on the worship team at JRNY (Journey) Church in the Philadelphia Region of Pennsylvania.

Ralph plays The Growler in Sky Blue and The Grace in Satin Silverburst.